About us

J3C Logo - picThe Jenin Creative Cultural Centre (J3C) opened in 2005 in response to violence in the Jenin camp. The Centre uses art and cultural projects to foster peace and promote justice in the Palestinian occupied territories. Their vision is to use art, culture and education as tools for the young generation of Palestinians to advance the concepts of peace, justice and equity. The creative methods are meant to help children lessen their depression and allow them to express themselves especially as they deal with the realities of life in Palestine.

J3C works on two levels: locally and internationally. Activities in the local community include artistic workshops, dance classes, theatre and music performances, as well as  puppet and clown shows in the schools. Additionally, the Centre works to bring these activities abroad such as holding a music show in London, a dance performance in Sweden, a theatre act in Venice and Berlin, and many art exhibitions around the world. Through these events we can gain publicity in foreign and internationally media, which is important as we can further spread the word about our work and Palestine.

J3C has already managed to bring more than 100 children from Jenin to visit several countries around the world. This exposure is important for young Palestinians as they get to see and experience live beyond the borders of Palestine and share their stories to the rest of the world. 

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“A peaceful, just, and equitable world.”  

Our vision is to use art, culture, and education as tools for the younger generations of Palestinians to advance the concepts of peace, justice, and equity.

Our mission

The Jenin Creative Cultural Centre (J3C) promotes an active leadership role for youth within their community and provide them with the opportunity to develop extracurricular skills to fill their lives with constructive and meaningful activities.

We aim to promote the values of tolerance, reconciliation, non-violence and democracy, by empowering young people to express their views, share their stories and to reach out to a wider audience.  We also aim to promote volunteer work, cultural dialog and environmental awareness.

We also aim to provide educational training, workshops, and seminars to provide youth with the skills and abilities to assist them with the difficulties that persist, as well as allow them to create the best possible future for themselves.

Targeted Group

Young men and women between the age of 6 and 25 years old

Legal Status

The J3C was licensed by the Palestinian Ministry of Interior under No. 1/ 2005.

The administrative committee of the association consists of 8 members. The General Assembly consists of 150  members. There is also a consultation board of 7 members to guide the association with their expertise.


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. I am living in South Africa and I would love to be a part of your program volunteering to work with children. Please give me more information how I go about doing this since Im sincerely wanting to make this a part of my life.

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