Our Activities

IMG_0263We offer many different activities in order to engage local youth. As our work continues we are expanding and changing what we can offer.

We assist the community by hosting international volunteers during the olive harvests to help farmers with their work and to learn about the culture first-hand. When funding permits we assist disadvantaged families with basic necessities that they struggle to acquire.

It is a great opportunity when we can host prominent members of the international community to come to Jenin and share their experiences and expertise. In the past, we have hosted the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mairead Maguire, and we hope to host many more!

Here are more examples of our current and past activities:

International Youth ExchangesIMG_0226

Our students have been privileged to travel to many countries to learn about other cultures and share their own stories. We have also had the honour of hosting delegations from foreign countries to come visit Jenin and the Centre to see our efforts first-hand.

Educational & Professional Training

The key to success is knowledge – therefore to foster success, leadership, resilience, and understanding in our young citizens, we are continuously attempting to offer them the information, skills, and know-how that they will need.

IMG_0060Youth Activities & Support

Children in Palestine grow up very quickly, but we want to make sure that they get to enjoy their childhood. We offer support to families who cannot afford basic necessities and offer activities and events for all children to attend and enjoy.

Performances & Exhibitions

Preserving local and national culture, heritage, and traditions are very important. Through dance, artwork, and theatre, young Jeninians are able to share their stories, express their feelings, and process their experiences.






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