Educational & Professional Training

We are greatly involved and believe in the need to provide support, training, and professional development to the young generations in Jenin. We work on promoting and facilitating educational seminars including topics such as human rights, Palestinian refugee affairs, non-violence, and conflict resolution. We provide training on computers, drawing, photography and many other topics

If you have any skills including artistic, photographic, theatrical, medical, clinical, technological, IT, or any other topics please contact us. We are always needing and wanting to facilitate training in these fields and more!

We had the good fortune to have A Global Voice for Autism to conduct desperately needed training for families with austistic children who otherwise have no support, training, or information.

global-voice-for-autism-300x183A Global Voice for Autism

The Jenin Creative Cultural Center hosted the Jenin Autism Project, which aimed to train mothers of children with autism in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). This training is so that the parents, in particular the mothers, can participate in a cooperative where they worked on skills with each others’ children in the Center and with their own child at home. J3C is striving to conduct additional training in ABA as a follow up to the Global Voice training.

Find more information about the Global Voice for Autism project in Jenin here.




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