Get Involved!

Interested in helping us provide amazing activities, opportunities, and events for children and young adults in Jenin? There are many ways that you can provide assistance and support.


Spread the word about J3C and our activities. Like us on Facebook, share our links & pages, and tell your friends who may be interested in our initiatives.


Looking for a gift for a special someone or have a store that could sell our products? We have a large selection of products that are crafted locally and are offered at competitive rates.

See our products here and contact us for further details.


A unique experience for you as our students are more than willing to come share their culture, history, stories, and experiences. By hosting a contingent of students from Jenin, you offer our youth the possibility to share their stories and experiences, see another way of life, and learn about other parts of the world.

Learn how you can host J3C students.


Do you want to learn more about Palestine, the West Bank, and Jenin? Come see J3C for yourself! We can assist you with information about the city and region, as well as planning for your trip.

Book your tickets now and come see us!


If you are not able to come and join us in person, donations of any amount allow us to provide training, host events, and educate Jenin’s youth. Our daily operational costs are covered by your generous donations and allow the Centre to remain open throughout the year.

Help us and donate here.


Looking for the chance to live in a Palestinian community, share your skills and knowledge, and learn more about the West Bank? Come stay with us! Depending on your skills, availability, and desires we will work to accommodate you at the Centre.

Join the J3C team by volunteering!



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