Language Classes

Students learn English in school and Hebrew on the streets, but they do not have access to the tools or resources that allow them to become fluent. Second language knowledge is important as it opens more possibilities for the youth of Jenin.

Do you have experience teaching, a meteachingmastery of words, or an interest in sharing your knowledge? Come teach languages at J3C!

English is the most popular language for students to learn. Most will have studied some English at school or learnt some elsewhere, but they will be most excited at the opportunity to practice their conversational skills with you. Many students are also interested in learning other languages including French and Spanish. No matter what languages you are fluent in,  there will most likely be students who would be interested.

The target audience for these lessons will be children, teenagers, and young adults. Your class may be a mix of levels from fresh beginners to advanced students who will need to be challenged with new and varied vocabulary. You are free to established a curriculum based on your skills and interests along with the desires of the students.

On the roof of the building, there is a room with chairs and a white board that can be used as a classroom. Classes can occur as often as you are able to provide lessons, whether that is every day, three times a week, or weekly.


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