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2013-03-15 09.50.07Do you want to come experience authentic Palestinian culture and hospitality? Come to Jenin, visit us at J3C and experience life in Northern Palestine. Compared with other areas in the West Bank, Jenin offers an experience that is rich with authentic daily life and historical

A great place to come meet locals, talk to them, and see what daily life in Palestine is like. There are also many historic and important sites to see in the region.

Inside of Jenin city, these are some of the sites:

  • Old City & Souq (market)
  • Fatima Khatoun Mosque
  • Fatima Khatoun School & Jenin Municipal Library
  • German Memorial
  • Jenin Refugee Camp
  • Railway Station

These sites are found in the region of Jenin, but can be easily reached by public transportation or by car.

  • Sebastia (Samaria)
  • Arraba
  • Tell Dothan
  • Martyrs Triangle
  • Khirbet & Tunnel Bal’ama
  • Tell Jenin
  • Tell Ta’annek
  • Burqin Church & the Ten Lepers
  • Zababdeh
  • Haddad Tourist Village
  • Sanur
  • Jaba’
  • Ya’bad
  • Umm al-rihan
  • Jalameh
  • Umm Al Rihan forest
  • St George Church in the village of Burqin
  • Belameh

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